Can Rabbits Eat Cardboard? | Is It Safe

Most of the time, we feel sad, tense, scared, and wonder how we will cope with life’s hurdles. At that moment, animals have the power to make us feel better. No happiness is better than seeing your loyal companion at home. They are not only here to give you company, but their unconditional love can make your day surprisingly good.

Similarly, having a rabbit as a pet around could be quite fun for you. Rabbits eat, run, chase, and jump in the house whenever they get a long space and chance to do so. Watching them play in your yard will make you happy about what they are doing. Aside from their desire to play, pet rabbits have natural tendencies to chew, dig and nibble on anything they can get their teeth.

If you ever see your rabbit attack a stack of cardboard, don’t be angry and shoo them away. Instead, keep reading this blog. This article has answered all of your questions: Can Rabbits Eat Cardboard? Is cardboard safe for rabbits? If yes? Which cardboard is good for your pet?

Can Rabbits Eat Cardboard? 

Indeed, yes! Rabbits can not only chew the cardboard, but they can also eat it. However, the important thing to take care of is to check they don’t get a chance to eat too much cardboard.

The rabbit loves to eat cardboard because it contains cellulose, a substance in lettuce, hay, and other leafy greens. So, most likely, your pet rabbit has been consuming more than enough cellulose in its diet.

For this reason, ensure he doesn’t eat much cardboard as it has no other nutritional value than cellulose. They will eat all day long if you let them, so closely monitor them and control their consumption by not putting a large amount of cardboard in your house. Ensure rabbits consume hay, leaf greens, and other natural foods more instead of taking nutritionally-low cardboard. 

Besides this, some of the owners feel annoyed when the rabbit shreds the cardboard into pieces. So, if you let him run outside the cage and chew the cardboard, prepare to clean up the mess after him. Also, never leave your rabbit alone outside the cage, as he could get ahold of something like electric wires or plastics that would be dangerous for him.

Can Your Bunny Eat Cardboard – Is It Safe For it?

Knowing what to feed and what not to feed your pets is an amazing experience you feel in this world. Isn’t that right? I know it is quite confusing for you, and you don’t want to make a mistake by accidentally giving your pet something to eat that it shouldn’t. But, your pet bunnies can eat plenty without questioning. So, it doesn’t mean that you always feed your pet. 

Many people question one thing: Can rabbits eat cardboard? After some research and my own experience on this topic, I am sharing some things with you. 

So, can bunny eat cardboard? Yes, of course, they obviously can. I had already discussed that feeding your rabbits cardboard is perfectly okay. But not too much, as cardboard contains cellulose which is equally close to eating vegetables but contains no nutritional value. 

With this in mind, there are some other suggestions for you that you need to check before giving your bunny all the cardboard to eat it’s been craving. Now, before wasting much time, let’s dive into it. 

Benefits of Chewing Cardboard For Rabbits

Giving your pet rabbit cardboard for chewing is a cheap way to make their teeth healthy. Their teeth grow quickly, just like human fingernails. The rabbit’s teeth need to be kept from overgrowing, so our bunnies have an instinct to chew a lot. So, in this case, rabbits always need to have something in their mouth to chew so they can control their teeth from growing too long. 

Giving your rabbit a healthy diet with an endless amount of hay or providing wood and other cardboard toys to chew will keep them away from biting other dangerous things. Using cardboard toys also enhances your rabbit’s mental health by stimulating their curiosity and keeping their mind active.

Is All Cardboard Safe For My Rabbit?

It is important to note that not all cardboard is equal; therefore, not all cardboard is safe for your rabbit to consume. Ensure not to give cardboard that has the following characteristics:

  1. Glossy
  2.  Coloured
  3.  Industrial strength 
  4.  Contains tape
  5. Contains staples

Because any cardboard that is coloured or glossy, like tissue boxes, contains harmful chemicals. So, it’s better to avoid it. Moreover, do not feed your bunny industrial strength boxes because they are too thick for their teeth. Always stick to the thinner types of cardboard. 


When giving your rabbit cardboard, check it for tape and staples because these can pose choking hazards to your rabbit.

Can Your Rabbit Eat All The Cardboard?

It is highly probable that your rabbit will shred most of the cardboard before eating it. Of course, I know this leaves quite a mess for you to clean up. But, it’s best to let your rabbit play with cardboard in a cage or a clean area. If not, you will find pieces of cardboard scattered throughout your house.

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