Can Rabbits Eat Oranges | Are Orange Peels Good For Rabbits?

Oranges are sweet, juicy and full of vitamins and nutrients and many wild and pet animals especially rabbits love to have oranges and in some cases eating oranges are beneficial for animals but if you are an rabbit owner then you might notice your rabbits eating oranges or oranges peels and than the bone of contention begins “ Can rabbits eat oranges, are oranges good for rabbits?” 

So in this article we will clear your every confusion regarding “rabbits oranges”.

Does rabbits like to eat oranges. Can you feed oranges to rabbits?

So answer is yes rabbits like to eat oranges and oranges are good for rabbits if given in limit.

Although rabbits are herbevors but they also eat fruits and especially oranges beacuse they are sweet and juicy and rabbits feels them so tasty.

But as a rabbits owner you should focus on the point that they are herbevors and they usually eat grass and hey so given them large amount of oranges can cause a health issue to your little friend.

Given them oranges once in a week is not a problem. In fact it can also help them to gain vitamins and nutrients. Rabbits can gain vitamin c by themself. 

But you can give them orange in little quantity their is no harm in it.

  1. This type of small treats can help you to gain their trust
  2. Small treats in a week will not let them get bored of the hey and grass they eat daily
  3. It will provide them fiber which they require in large quantity
  4. Pectin in the oranges can regulate the cholesterol level in the bloodstream which will be beneficial for rabbit health.

Are oranges good for rabbits?

No doubt oranges has many benefits and can put a good impact on rabbits health but its not like you should start giving them oranges on daily basis.

There are some problems that can be caused if rabbit start eating oranges in excessive amount .

Oranges contain sugar and consuming alot of oranges means your rabbit is consuming execssive amount of sugar which can cause dijestive problem and direha.

Oranges are sweet and tasty but contain acidic content so if you feed them alot of oranges it can cause mouth ulcer

Do rabbits eat oranges peels. Is it good for rabbits?

When ever the owner of the rabbit ask “ can rabbits eat oranges” their intention is to know about the inner side of the orange the juicy and sweet part but what the misses is “peel”. Every pet rabbit guardian should know that rabbits try to put the teeths on everything in their  domain and if they ever get oranges peels their are majority chances they will eat it. 

 If we talk about is it safe for rabbits then their is an disagreement between the Veterinarians about it. According to some experts orange peel is good and safe for rabbits because orange peel consist of vitamins and rabbit require vitamins and nutrients in their daily diet but on the other hand some other experts says that rabbits shoudnt eat orange peel because their are chances of presence of pesticides on the peels.

But their is also another opinion of experts that you can give orange peels to rabbits but make sure they  are well cleaned and 

Benefits of orange peels for rabbits.

Orange peels are rich in amount of  nutrients and vitamins especially vitamin C, polyphenols, and fiber and rabbits require a large amount of fiber in their diet. 

Rabbits are naturally blessed they produce vitamin C by itself but they in the period of stress the amount required for vitamin C is increased.

Orange peels are also helpful to control the risk of heart deaseas in rabbits. As mentioned above these peel consists of  polyphenols and it help rabbits to fight against heart dieseas.

Cons of orange peels for rabbits.

Orange peels have many benefits and these are good for rabbits if given in limit but  as like advantages orange peel also have disadvantages and can be a cause of health problem to your rabbit if not resolved.

Their are pesticides and germs on the orange peels and some experts have addressed that you cant remove these chemicals just by washing the peels so it can be harmful.

But their are some solutions

  • Try to buy organic oranges
  • You can also grow oranges by your own instead of purchasing from the market

How much oranges and oranges peel you can give to your rabbit.

After undertanding can rabbits eats oranges” second question comes to the mind is “ What is the right quantity of oranges you can give to your oranges”. As we have studied the problems that can be caused by excessive amount of oranges so its clear we want give them orange more than once a while and giving just two wedges at the time is recommended.

Even some of the experts recommend to give them oranges with their daily diet. You can include one or two orange wedges in their grass, hey etc

While its about giving them orange peel so never give them full peel of orange first give them a small piece of  it because peel are not sweet and juicy like the orange their are chances that your rabbit dont like it or leave the rest of the piece after eating one or two bites. Even if your rabbit eats the peel you should avoid giving them full peel. Just give them small pieces with the time.

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