Can Rabbits Live Outside In Winter? Things You need to know

Can rabbits live outside in winter? Rabbits are adorable little creatures. Having the ability of super speed, love to get into your garden, and can be great inside pets. But what about the outside? Could you keep your rabbits outside if you wanted to?  

 B rabbits are ideally suited for outdoor conditions or cold weather. Their fur is created in a manner to protect them from harsh weather. At the same time, a pet rabbit would need more attention than a wild rabbit. You would have to cover your pet rabbit’s hutch and add extra layers of protection in the coldest months. 

Weather Is A Factor

Rabbits can survive in the cold, but it doesn’t mean your job is over. You’ll still have to take some precautions. For instance, a simple human can go out for long hours in the coldest weather, but we wear hats or coats to protect ourselves from the cold. Right?

On the other hand, our fluffy fellows grow a unique, thicker coat that protects them from the harsh winter climate. Rabbits may look cute, helpless, and tiny, but they aren’t. They adapt to the weather as all animals do. 

It wouldn’t mean they would be fine if they got too hot or pleasing. Extreme heat or cold would still require your rabbits to take cover. The temperature still matters. 

How To Keep Them Safe In The Cold Weather

So far, we have discussed that rabbits can grow an extra layer of fur for the winter. But does that cut it? Could they survive with an extra layer of coat on them? No! You have to find shelter if the weather and wind are bad. Rabbits can’t stay in the harsh, cold, freezing wind. They have a home. They have burrowed. They have a hidey-hole somewhere.

Their shelter must have three walls, which most rabbits do because they dig into the ground. They still need a fourth wall to get through. Fresh air is essential for their survival. They need constant fresh air to survive. 

Although we know they must be warm, another critical factor is that they must be dry. Rabbits need to keep their body temperature at a certain amount. If they aren’t able to or are wet, they’ll die. 

A rabbit can survive temperatures down to 40 degrees. Anything below 20 puts your rabbit at a high risk of getting sick. 

How Can You Keep Your Rabbit Warm

The main hurdle is gone if you keep your rabbits inside your house. Go ahead and relax. If your home is above 40 degrees, your rabbit can live comfortably. Watch out. You don’t want to overhead your rabbit. 

An average rabbit likes it around 60-65 degrees. So if you want your temperature up to 70 degrees or above, you’ll have to provide a fan or other way for your rabbit to stay calm.

The real hustle starts if you live in an area where the temperature might go down to 40, then you got some work up your selves. There are a couple of things to look after. 

Make a ventilation system to prevent extra moisture.

You should make a ventilation system for easy airflow. It’ll help your rabbit not to get moulds and avoid getting sick. A rabbit can quickly get sick like you if there is any moisture build-up.

Make their drinking water heated enough so it doesn’t freeze.

Write this down if your rabbit isn’t getting any water, it won’t eat. And get sick because of this. 

Provide a sufficient amount of fresh air.

Rabbits need fresh air to be healthy. A constant stream of fresh air must be available for them.

Protect them from heavy wind and rain.

Again this is important to keep them away from any harsh climate. Provide a waterproof habitat outside to keep the snow out. You can use newspapers, tarps, blankets, or anything else that keeps the elements away.

A Container where your rabbit can’t chew on the material

A rabbit cannot chew on hard surfaces like plastic or wood, or it will damage his stomach.

Keep Your Fluffy Fellow Dry, Warm, And Happy

A rabbit needs some things, and there are some factors to have a comfortable and happy life. Exercise is essential, especially in the winter. They need to maintain their body temperature and kept at their standard rate. They don’t go to hibernation, so they need to be able to move around. 

As long you keep your rabbit dry, and away from rash weather like wind, rain, and snow, he will be fine outside, even in the winter.

And if you find any indication that your rabbit is acting weird, bring him inside. It gets cold outside. 

This clears up any questions on whether rabbits live outside in winter. 

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