How Do Rabbits Show Affection To Humans

Rabbits are one of the cutest pets, and rabbit owners love them very much. So if you are a rabbit owner and want to know how rabbits show affection towards humans, then you are at the right place. After reading the full article, you will be able to judge your little friend’s ( your Rabbit) behaviour, and there will be some tips at the end to make your rabbit love and get attached to you.

The Behaviour Of The Rabbits

Rabbits are prey animals, and it’s natural for them not to trust other species early, especially humans because humans are giant predators of the animals. Some rabbits are affectionate by nature, and some are arrogant. Arrogant doesn’t mean that rabbits will never trust you. It is just their natural behaviour. They can also get very attached to you when they start trusting you. And you can recognize it by following biological actions.

Rabbit licking

When your Rabbit licks your feet or hands, it’s good fortune for you. It might mean your rabbits have started trusting you and are trying to groom you. Rabbits are very social animals; if they are grooming you, they have added you to their social circle, and that’s how rabbits show affection to humans.


The second meaning we can get from rabbit licking is that they are Hungary, or maybe they want to take your attention. It is also a good sign because they are feeling safe enough and not seeing any danger from your side, so they come to you for food.

Rabbit circling you

If your Rabbit is circling you (moving, running, or jumping around your feet) or they track you, it means your Rabbit feels much more comfortable with you and is very excited to see you. So you should play with them for a while and show them your love for them. I advise you to be very careful whenever you find your rabbits in this condition because you might step up on them, which can cause a severe injury to your bunnies.

So it is better to stop and play with them while you notice this activity from your bunnies to avoid any problems.

Your Rabbit touches you from his nose.

Rabbits do this while recognizing their owners. Rabbits usually recognize their owners by smelling them, so they must touch you from their nose. Rabbits explore the things around them with their sense of smell, and when they recognize you, they jump or run around you.

You can also consider it as a sign. Rabbits want to take your attention, or they are searching for you to play with them, or maybe they are Hungary.

In this case, you should provide them with treats, especially hey or veggies which will be good for their health and help you earn your Rabbit’s trust and get closer to them.

Your Rabbit Jump in your lap

It is a clear affection sign, but you must understand it carefully. Your Rabbit climbing or jumping on your lap is a sure sign that they love you and want to cuddle or play with you.

But reacting so early can result in different results. Maybe your Rabbit is just climbing from your lap to another upper area and using you as a stool. It’s their behaviour that rabbits usually climb up to upper areas to check if there is any threat nearby or to survey which region is good for them to play, so reacting too early can scare them.

Rabbits come to you on their own and lay flat to you.

If you are eager to know “How rabbits show affection to humans”. Your job is done if this happens between you and your Rabbit. Rabbits are prey animals. It’s their nature to run from the other more giant species. Just think why your Rabbit, whose nature is to run in his defence, is coming towards you on its own because it’s the pure sign that your Rabbit sees you as a friend, not a threat.

Rabbits are lying flat means they want love from you. They trust and submit to you by laying flat standards, so you must show them care and love. You can get to it by cuddling, giving them treats, or playing with them.

Make your rabbit love and get attached to you.

  1. Be patient 
  2. Spend more time with your rabbits
  3. Provide them with their favourite food
  4. Give them food in your hand
  5. Play with them
  6. Avoid the things which scare them 

For Example

(Loud noise, Suddenly moving)

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